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Hi, I’m Alison and my passion is helping professionals in the service sector to increase their visibility and credibility through business networking. Ultimately leading to more sales!

Does this resonate with you: 

  • Feeling frustrated that networking doesn’t get you sales (no matter how often you go)
  • Dread the 60 second elevator pitch
  • Never know what to say when you approach a group of strangers
  • No-one in the room will want your service/product
  • You’ve been a couple of times and you didn’t get any sales

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Business networking

Sending your Team out to Network?

Are you sending your team out networking but they aren’t getting results?

A big mistake many companies make is that they delegate networking without formulating any sort of plan with the team member.

Networking is part of your sales funnel process and needs to be approached in the same way!

There needs to be a plan, purpose and objectives, otherwise it’s just a lottery!

Business Owner

Having your own business can be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done!

It can also be the most challenging thing too.

You’ve heard that networking can get you more sales and you’ve tried it a couple of times.

But . . . you didn’t get any work and you don’t have the time to waste having a coffee chat!

Disc Profiling

Would you like a “magic wand” to help you understand how your team think and do the things they do!

Taking away the guessing game when you’re recruiting for the right candidate would be great too – right?

The quickest and easiest answer to this is to seriously consider DISC profiling.


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Helping your audience understand just how powerful networking can be.

Tips and tricks on how to be a confident networking and the go-to person in the room!