Disc Profiling / Psychometrics

Have you heard of Psychometrics and felt like they were something of a “dark art”?

Is it going to reveal something about you that maybe you don’t want anyone else to know? Think again! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Psychometric Assessments

Behavioural assessment providing an accurate insight into how people behave at work

They registered with the British Psychological Society and audited against technical criteria established by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations

They provide an accurate insight into how people behave at work, allowing you to maximise your learning and development budget, gain greater certainty when recruiting, and understand how to avoid staff turnover

You are provided with a short and easy to understand report.

It will detail a person’s strengths and limitations, their communication style, their value to the business, what motivates them, their basic fears and how they behave under pressure.

An email link is sent to your email address and it is completed on-lin

24 multiple choice answers based on scenarios at work (you choose: you are most like or least like)

You can choose from 56 different languages, so you can take it in your native language

About 8 minutes

For Individuals

How it will help YOU as an individual

Understanding your core behaviours, you will give you the insight into your own strengths and behaviours. Helping you to achieve results.

  • Great for helping highlight your strengths on your CV
  • Choose the right career path to suit your strengths
  • You won’t be trying to act in a way which just “isn’t you”
  • You’ll understand how to modify your behaviour when talking to your clients
  • Recognising the signs of when you are under pressure and how to deal with it

Once you understand your own core behaviours, you will then start to recognise this in your others too.

DISC profiling helps you understand your:

  • Motivators
  • Basic fears
  • Values to the organisation
  • Management style
  • Sales style
  • Communication style

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For Business

How it will help you as a Business Owner managing a team

Every business owner would like a “magic wand” to help understand how their team think and do the things they do!

Taking away the guessing game when you’re recruiting for the right candidate would be great – right?

Do any of the following ring true with you:

  • Can’t understand why they aren’t like you and driven into action hitting targets
  • You pay them well, so why aren’t they motivated by money?
  • What’s so hard about picking up the phone to make a sales call?
  • They can’t be bothered with the details and it’s causing a problem
  • Why can’t they answer your question in 3 quick statements, you haven’t got time for the details?

Every business owner would like a “magic wand” to help understand how their team think and do the things they do!

Taking away the guessing game when you’re recruiting for the right candidate would be great – right?

Understanding your team’s behavioural style will allow you to evaluate their fit for certain job roles and their preferences for communicating with others.

  • Exploring behavioural-fit
  • Identify areas for development
  • Motivate and engage staff
  • Improve communication
  • Manage performance
  • Recruit the right person

If you want to talk more about the benefit of the assessments, book a call with me

My Experience

My experience and why I trained to deliver the Psychometric Assessments

Being fully trained in DISC profiling had led me onto coaching both teams and individuals on how to utilise these powerful results to help with networking coaching, productivity, self-development, and career progression.

It’s human nature to presume everyone thinks, acts and takes action like you.

Throughout my career I have always had a passion for helping people get to where they want to be.

Understanding what drives people, why some people are driven by targets and others are driven by the rules.

I finally found the answer when I completed my first Psychometric assessment for a role I was being recruited for, working as a Regional Manager for a Recruitment Consultancy.

For the first time ever, through DISC profiling I fully understood myself – it was amazing!

The profile consisted of four key areas: Dominance: Influence: Steadiness: Compliance.

I don’t know about you, but every training course I’ve been on was training me to do things the way that just didn’t feel right to “me”.

I wasn’t hard sales, I couldn’t just cold call no matter how much money they wanted to throw at me.

The DISC profile showed me my style, how I could still get the same results, but doing it the way it suited my behaviours. My natural style is building and nurturing relationships.

It also showed how my behaviour changes when I’m under extreme pressure and the signs to look out for.

Working with business owners, teams and individuals I’ve seen some great results.

They are also fantastic if you are applying for jobs, updating your CV, preparing for your interview.

You can use the wording which describes your characteristics, weaving it into the job and company overview.