Helping you win more sales through business networking (without selling)

You’re great at your job

and confident with your clients.

So, WHY does business networking fill you with dread or isn’t working for you?

  • Feeling frustrated that networking doesn’t get you sales (no matter how often you go)
  • Dread the 60 second elevator pitch
  • Never know what to say when you approach a group of strangers
  • Feeling “rude” butting into people’s conversations
  • Uncertain how to follow-up after you’ve had a good chat with someone?
  • You don’t want to sound too salesy, but know you could help them
  • Getting frustrated because you’ve only spoken to three people and “not worked the room”?

I help professionals in the service sector to increase their visibility and credibility through business networking. Ultimately leading to more sales.

When it comes to networking, be assured that you’re not the only one who has “doubts or trepidations”!

  • You won’t know anyone in the room
  • Which group of strangers should you approach?
  • Standing on your own in a corner appearing to be busy on your phone until it’s time to sit down (because small talk is pointless)
  • Worrying about your 60 second elevator pitch – meaning you didn’t hear anyone’s 60 seconds
  • What if you stand up to do your 60 seconds and your mind goes completely blank?

You simply want to a few techniques:

  • Walking into a room knowing your purpose and executing your plan
  • Ensuring you’re confident approaching a group of strangers because you’ve prepared an introductory line (different to your 60 second pitch)
  • Confidently delivering your 60 second elevator pitch, knowing that it’s a “story” people will remember
  • Knowing that each networking event takes you one step closer to building trusted relationships
  • Demonstrating your credibility by adding value

Consistently showing up and building on your networking relationships will give you the results you have been looking for.

Dare I say it, it is like a gym membership, it is only going to work if you show up and do the work!

Before you know it, you’ll start to see the benefits of networking and wonder how you survived in business without it!

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Business Networking

Are you a Business owner who knows you should be out networking?

Having your own business can be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done!

It can also be the most challenging thing too. Sometimes, it can be a very lonely place. You’re responsible for everything and the buck stops with you. The biggest challenge can be selling yourself and your services!

Everyone talks about Business networking and how it’s the holy grail of getting sales, but:

  • You haven’t got the time
  • You don’t want to stand up and do 60 seconds elevator pitch
  • No-one in the room wants your service/product
  • You’ve been a couple of times and it didn’t work
  • Don’t enjoy small talk and it seems quite clicky

Wouldn’t life be easier if you had:

  • Referrals from a trusted network of contacts
  • Inside information from other sectors that you could tap into
  • Support from trusted business owners (feeling less isolated)
  • A network to tap into when finding new staff or sub-contractors

After working with me, you will:

  • Stop wasting time attending the wrong networking events
  • Have a practical and simple plan for networking that you can stick to
  • Learn how to build trusted connections who will start giving you referrals
  • Adding value to the group with your sector knowledge
  • Become the “go-to” person in the room for your sector

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Getting results

Sending your team out to network, but not getting results?

You’re delegating the Business networking to your team.

They are confident, great with clients and good at their job. They’ll represent your company well.

So, they seem the perfect person to send out networking!

Generating more sales for you (even though they aren’t a “salesperson”)

However, when you ask how many sales meetings they’ve made as a result of networking, they have zero, but had a lovely time getting to know everyone!

You’re disappointed and they’re frustrated – they aren’t a salesperson!

I understand it can be frustrating, but unless you have fully prepared the in-experienced networker then it can end up in tears.

Creating a plan for the non-salesperson and managing expectations is crucial for it to be successful everyone:

  • What is the purpose of them going networking (it’s not just to get sales)?
  • Creating a plan as to how many 1:1 meetings they need to arrange
  • Why its important to have 1:1s and their purpose
  • What value can they add to the room to showcase them/your business
  • Working on their 60 second elevator pitch
  • Being patient and trusting that they are building relationships

It’s important to ensure that your team are representing your company and delivering a unified core message (because they are your branding whilst at that event).

I’ve spoken to networking delegates who say they have been “told” to go networking and have no clue what to do and why they are there.

This is why I enjoy helping businesses.

By working with their teams, everyone understands how networking really works.

I’ve successfully worked with HR, Accountants & Bookkeepers, Solicitors, IFA’s and Charities.

About training

How does my training work?

Listening to you I find out what results you would like to achieve by sending your team networking.

Understanding your business/departmental goals will enable me to add bespoke elements specifically for your business into the workshop.

I’m trained and licenced to use DISC Profiling, so I incorporate my understanding of people’s core behaviours into the workshops too.

Half-day workshop (in-house) or Two-Hour workshop via Zoom

  • Understanding your purpose for being at the event (Networking, Conference, Exhibition)
  • Nailing your 60 second elevator pitch using your own words and voice (but keeping the company message clear)
  • Overcoming your fear of entering a room full of strangers
  • How do you approach a group who are talking without interrupting?
  • Learning how to sell without selling
  • Adding value to the room to build trusted relationships
  • Following up and booking 1:1 meetings
  • Becoming the go-to person for your sector in the room

The results will be:

  • Practical tools and techniques you can use immediately
  • Confidence in your ability to network
  • Enabling you to confidently build relationships
  • Getting 1:1 in the diary
  • Seeing results through adding value at each event

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