Hi, I’m Alison Holmes and I’m known as the Networking Expert!

The art of Networking

For the last 25 years I have been learning the art of Networking.

Setting up by own business two years ago I generated five new clients within the first month – through networking.

More importantly it has helped me to create a trusted business community which I couldn’t live without.

I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at a variety of business events, ranging from a select group of four, up to a corporate function of 200!

I have a passion for speaking about Business Networking and the bumpy road I travelled from loathing it to loving it!

Helping your audience gain an insight into how business networking is so powerful and can work for them too.



Depending on what you specifically think your audience would like help with, I have several different topics I can speak on – see below.


Why you need a 60 seconds elevator pitch and the story it should tell


Why having a trusted networking community around you is an essential part of your business


What’s the purpose of 1:1s and why they are so important?